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My painting "Shasta Three Ways" was selected to be included in NAWAFL's HERstory exhibit at the Cornell Museum of Art in Delray Beach, FL. It was awarded Second Place Prize.

For 30 years Judy Kirtley maintained a photography portrait  studio in Manhattan. Her photographs have appeared in such publications as The New York Times, Billboard, Playbill. Beginning in 2007 she began attending classes at The Art Students League in New York City, studying anatomy, drawing and painting oil and watercolor, with Francis Cunningham, Mary Beth McKinsey, Peter Cox (with whom she also studied at the American Academy of Art, the National Academy of Art, and at his private studio), Costa Vavagiakis, and Henry Wong, and Henry Finkelstein, as well as Steven Assail and Tim Saternow.


Judy's fine art photography and art works are in several private collections, and have been exhibited and shown  extensively. See the 'Contact' page of this website for details.




It’s been my joy, my honor, my privilege, to develop my visual creations for nearly 40 years. The journey from the stage where I was a performing artist for more than 40 years through ballet, drama, voice, has been challenging and rewarding. Each discipline bled into the next. I completely immersed myself  in each one for long periods of time, devoting time and resources to develop them. In 1985, as I continued performing on stage, photography gave me an opportunity to ‘see’ a performance. In 2011 I published my "Bebop Bicycle" book of jazz musicians, and in 2022 I was invited to sing on my first jazz recording by my husband, pianist Bill Mays. It all stays alive and with me


The work I’m doing in my studio at this moment – and it, as always, will evolve – is translating drawings that I have done in public, on subways, beaches, architectural sites, into much larger oil paintings, sometimes watercolors.

ARTery Gallery, Guest artist, June-August 2024,
    Milford, PA
NAWA, 135th Annual Members Exhibit, NYC (2024)
APBC Annual Members Exhibit, Artists of
    Palm Beach County, W. Palm Bch FL (APBC) (2024)
HERstory Exhibit, National Association of Women
    Artists (NAWA), Florida Chapter (NAWA FL), 
    Delray Beach, FL (2024), Awarded Second Place
"Fired Up!" Exhibit, APBC  (2023) 
NAWA, 134nd Annual Members Exhibit, NYC (2023)
APBC Annual Members Exhibit -(2023)
ARTery Gallery, Guest artist, June-August 2023,
    Milford, PA
NAWA, 133nd Annual Members Exhibit, NYC (2022)
NAWA, "Harmony" Exhibit, Bethlehem, PA (2022)
APBC  "Annual Members Only Exhibit" (2022)
NAWA FL: "Flight of Fancy", Miami, FL (2022)
NAWA, 132nd Annual Members Exhibit, NYC (2021)
NAWA FL: "Perennial Power", Miami Beach (2021)
     Awarded Second Place
Artists of Palm Beach County, W. Palm Bch FL (APBC)
     "Starting Again" - (2021)
     (2021) (On-Line)
Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Associates, 124th
    Annual Exhibit (2021) (On-Line)

Marshall University :"9th Annual National

      Juried Exhibit", Huntington, WV (2020)

"2020=Perfect Vision" APBC (2020)  (On-line)

NAWA Gallery, NYC "New Members Exhibit"​ (2019) 
NAWA Gallery, NYC "Small Works"( 2020)

Mast Cove Gallery, Kennebunkport, ME (2010-2012)

Heavenly Rest Art Exhibit, NYC, "We All Belong" (2019)
Blue Stone Gallery, Milford, PA (2011)
BAAA Group Shows, Barryville, NY (2000-2010)
Artists Market Exhibits, Shohola, PA (2012-2016)
Pike County Arts Center, Milford, PA (2015)
ARTery Gallery, Milford, PA (2015)
The Art Students League, NYC (2014)
Photo Gallery, Solo Exhibit, Chelsea, NYC (1998)
NAWA, "Authentic Image", Online (2023)
Oil On Canvas Exhibit (2022) Awarded 2nd Place
Art Angels Exhibit (2022)
The Resilience of Grief, (2021)
Winter Small Works (2021)
131st Annual Members Exhibit (2020)
Some Like It Hot (2020)
Art Salon online, "During The Pandemic" (2020)
Nat'l Association of Women Artists (NAWA)
     (Signature Member)
NAWA Florida Chapter
Artists of Palm Beach County
Cultural Council of Palm Beach
Barryville Area Arts Association (BAAA) 
Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club (Assoc. Member)

YouTube Videos:  

Judy Kirtley Artwork 2021-2022

Judy Kirtley Slideshow

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