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Jazz Life 'Live'

Each of these pieces is my own form of 'plein air', 'prima facie', or 'in situ,' meaning not from a photo or a memory, but observing subjects directly in their original place. It's a joy for me to listen to great music, and draw moving, gesticulating, active musicians as they make music. Have you noticed that they never stop moving?!! I also keep an eye on the audiences, a major part of the 'live' jazz scene. (Click on large image below for title & media description.)

Jam at Fred & Sabrina's
Martin Wind
Red Piano
Sheila Jordan
Jazz In The Alley
Second Line Drummer
The Blind Monk
Newport Jazz
Red Rock Recording Studio
Phil Woods
Steve Gilmore
Marvin Stamm
Putter Smith
Peter Leitch-Steve LaSpina-Jed Levy
Fans on a Jazz Cruise
Fans at Blues Alley
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