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The Waiting Room

It seems that we all wait on occasion, in one way or another. In a doctor's office, a restaurant, on a train or subway platform, the parade of people is rich and diverse. There's usually a one to five minute period for me to draw an individual before one of us has to move along (the train arrived, food has been delivered, etc.). Watching the waiting allows me to be entertained while I myself wait, so that someone else's waiting is my playground. These drawings, originally done in ink or pencil, frequently remain untouched. Often, though, I paint the drawings with watercolors, or scan and color them on a computer (indicated by '+Color')  Again, these drawings represent my own style of 'plein air' or 'prima facie,' 'in situ', observing my subjects directly in their original place.  (Click on large image below for title & media description.)

A Day In New York #3
A Day In New York #4
Feet Apart
3 at LAX
Judy's Boating Party
3 Generations On Downtown 'A' Train
Texting on a 'C' Train
Lunch at the Village Idiot
Matt Helm on the 'C' Train
Secaucus Waiting Room
A Day of Celebration
Day in Central Park
Dedication of the Chalice
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