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Alternate Side of

the Street Parking

If one lives in NYC, it's better not to own a car. But, if you do, it has to be parked somewhere. One option is to chase the legal parking places. Another option is to pay hundreds of dollars a month to garage the car. So for those of us who have time and don't want to pay for a garage, we endure 'Alternate Side of the Street Parking'. Between 9 and 10:30 a.m. every other day (except Wednesdays, Saturday & Sunday) you move your car and wait for the street cleaner to pass by. Then you frantically cross over to the opposite side of the street for a highly sought-after spot and sit in the car until 10:30. Now you have a legal parking place for the next two days. Whew! I pass the time by drawing myself in the visor mirror over the steering wheel. (Click on large image below for title & media description.)

ASSP Winter 2014
ASSP Summer 2016
ASSP Winter 2015
ASSP Winter 2016
ASSP Summer 2012
ASSP Summer 2013
ASSP Autumn 2014
Puzzled ASSP
ASSP Summer 2016
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