I spent 30 years behind the eye of a camera, many cameras! I schlepped those cameras as I now carry a pen and pad of paper. Incidentally, I held on to using film as long as I could, until manufacturers stopped making my favorite films or changed their development formulas. (Could Kodak please bring back Kodachrome?!) I then learned how different life could be using digital and not spending hours into the night in my darkroom. In the end, if I can share it on a computer, it's all digital. (Click on large image below for title & media description.)

Woodstock Project
The Priest's Habitat
A Place to Rest
Night Clock Tower
Skyline Manhattan
NYC from the Whitney
Setting a Place
Misplaced Confetti
Japanese Garden
Where Are We Now?
Restorations Project #5
Restorations Project #3
Restorations Project #2