Otherwise Inspired

If you look, there's a beautiful view anywhere. I frequently go to museums and galleries in cities around the world, and am inspired to draw from a painting, a sculpture, a drawing, or architecture. I look for and learn from the line or shape or use of color from each piece, whether by Picasso, Dali, Michelangelo, Schiele or Alice Neel. They all teach so much about seeing art. (Click on large image below for title & media description.)

Flower Boy
Atelier With Schiele
Murder Mystery
Soul Sold
Seated Woman
Important Gathering
The Procession
Pearlstein Reduced
Pearlstein Ode
Ode to Rodin
Rodin's Caryatid
Ode to Renoir's Boating Party
Ode to Anne Norton
My Sense of Mondrian