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Let's Finish It

Dear Website Visitors,


For those with a vivid imagination, here's a forum to write a story to correspond with an illustration. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words but that's a lot of words, so just write 500 words or less.


It's a competition!


My drawings represent a real-life event and I think they want a written narrative. Not being much of a writer myself, I'd like you to write a narrative for me. Send me your story or poem or song here and I will display the three best entries that will be voted on here. The Prize is their piece (with credit) displayed in a collection of these stores, plus a selection of five numbered signed picture cards (and envelopes) of my drawings or photographs, or a 100% cotton towel with one picture printed on it.


Send your writings to:

Here's the first drawing. Have fun! 

Writing Contest
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